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When Should You Contact An Attorney To Defend A Domestic Violence Charge?

Interviewer: So, when are you typically called to intervene on a defendant’s behalf in these cases?

Attorney: As soon as possible, just like every other case. You want to notify an attorney as soon as there is contact by the police department. This applies whether or not the police leave their business card and ask you to call them, or the police come and physically take the person from whatever location they are, at the house, or someplace else, and they’re in custody.

I always advise, the earlier that they call me the better. If called right away, I can go into the courthouse, and I can be at the first arraignment in front of the judge, especially to discuss the parameters of this Order of Protection.

I find that people who don’t call a lawyer right away, again, not realizing the severity of what happens, and their case could get put over. The judge allows you to be released and they tell you to come back in three to six weeks for your court date.