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What Can You Expect If You Are Charged With A DWI And You Aren’t Yet 21?

Interviewer: Earlier you said for over 21. So under 21, what happens if you get pulled over and you have any alcohol in your system? What’s the rule there.

Attorney: New York has a zero tolerance policy. So if you have any alcohol, basically a .04, or .03. Although those are not criminal charges and they won’t be arrested for those charges, it will be referred to the Department of Motor Vehicles for an under 21 drinking. And then run through a Department of Motor Vehicle hearing, police officer comes and testifies just as he would for an over 21 person. And if it is found that the operator of the motor vehicle had alcohol in his system, at those levels, at the low levels, you can lose your license for a year or until they’re 21, whichever is longer.

Attorney: So if that person is found to have a low amount, there still is zero tolerance in New York, lose their license for a year or until their 21, whichever is longer. And if the numbers are higher than, of course, then the person is subjected to criminal sanctions as well. So, it’s so important that motorists know their rights, that they hire an attorney who knows the system, who knows what the DWI laws are and you don’t win the battle and lose the war.


Interviewer: So people who have read this guide and are convinced that they want to come in and talk to you and have a free consultation. How specifically should they get in touch with you?

Attorney: Well, there’s a number of ways to get in touch with. First of all, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So any phone call will do it. We’ll talk to them on the telephone, they can send an email. We’ll answer the emails. They can call and make an appointment, they can come in to see us and we will talk to everybody, we answer everybody’s question. It’s not an issue at all, we’re here to help people, not make their lives more difficult. So they can always reach us, and we encourage people come and meet with me or at least talk to me on the telephone, let me answer all your questions.