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What Are Some Other Consequences Of A DUI Conviction?

What Happens If Someone Wants To Rent A Car With A DWI Conviction? What Happens In Case Of A Sales Person Or A Business Person Traveling For Work?

That is a big problem for a lot of people in the first year of their conviction, because if they are required to have an interlock device, at least in New York on a New York license, there is an indication that you need to have an interlock. An interlock is not only in every car that you own, but it is in any car that you drive. So if you rent a car or you borrow a car, it needs to have the interlock with that breath device in the car. When you go to rent the car, if the person does not know what that means and they still rent you a car and you get pulled over, the police officer will see that you are driving without the interlock device and you will get arrested for that. If it does not indicate it on the license itself, you probably will be out to rent the car because nobody would know to stop you. Once you operate a car that does not have the breath device in it, that can be a problem.

Once the interlock goes away, then if the renting agency does not ask you about this information, you will be able to rent the car. Your insurance rates are involved in the insurance company and whether or not you take the rental car insurance or you piggy back it with your current insurance, they need to know. Otherwise, you run the risk of not having coverage if something happens.

Will A DWI Conviction Affect Someone’s Custody Arrangement Or Other Family Matters Such As An Adoption?

Yes, that is seen on a daily occurrence. If people are involved in a custody battle, it is usually because they are not on the best of terms and they are fighting for the custody or to keep custody from the other side. Similarly, if a person is arrested and accused of having a DUI and the case is pending while the custody battle is pending, the lawyers will absolutely bring that to the family court judge and use that to say, “Well, the other parent, the parent who has a pending DUI, should not have custody of this child”. Obviously, they have legal issues. They will not get to court, they will not be able to drive and they cannot get the child before they make the accusation that the parent is drunk and should not be driving and be trusted to drive the child.

With a conviction, the same arguments are going to be made that the parent should not be trusted, they obviously have a DUI. The other side in opposition to that would turn around and say, “Obviously, I have this breath device in the car so you know I am not driving drunk.” Then the other side comes back and says, “We don’t know you are not drinking in the house,” it is always an issue. Once alcohol or drugs are introduced, it is always an issue. All this comes into the collateral consequences of your DUI case.

Does A DWI Affect Your Family Law Case? Does It Affect Custody or Require Supervised Visitation?

When talking about custody or supervised visitation, the other parent can go back to court and try and get custody. They can keep you from having visitation, keep you from having custody and force specifically supervised visitation. It is and can be an absolute rat’s nest of information and problems that come from the charge and the conviction.

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