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Texting And Social Media: New Factors In Domestic Violence Cases

That is actually a very common case that happens a lot now days. Kids text each other, “Call me. I’m calling you. I’m watching you.” Or, the messages themselves may not be of a threatening nature but they involve the annoyance of constantly receiving them. Those scenarios all can become domestic violence cases.

Interviewer: Oh, so people may think, “I can harass over Facebook and no one will know, or I could text them and threaten to kill them, or threaten to kill myself”, but that could all become evidence in a domestic violence case, is that right?

Attorney: Absolutely, all those texts come in, all the emails come into play, and all the spreading of rumors, and the cyber-bullying comes into play. The authorities will go back to see what is the connection between the two parties.

Does it reach that level of domestic violence, or just a regular case in the Criminal Courts between two people? It certainly could reach the level of domestic violence Again, violent interaction boyfriend and girlfriend is referred to as domestic violence, and this applies to as well to former boyfriends and girlfriends.

Even if they are not married, even if they don’t have children, high school and college kids can find themselves involved in a domestic violence case, just by being at one time boyfriend and girlfriend.