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Small Business Law

New York small business law encompasses a wide range of legal services and potential hazards that a New York small business lawyer can help you with. If you are dealing with a small business law issue, it is in your best interest to seek legal help. Some of the types of issues you may face include:

Business Transactions

Entity formation: Are you forming a Business Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), or S-corporation? Then you need to make sure everything is done properly with the help of a New York small business lawyer.

Intellectual property protection: Make sure you have the appropriate legal protections in place for your products and creations.

Corporate governance: A well-crafted shareholders agreement should have provisions covering the composition of the company’s board of directors and related matters of corporate governance.

Contract drafting and review: Ensure that the contracts you draw up for employees and clients meet legal standards and don’t leave your company – or you – at risk.

Franchise agreements: Clear standards need to be put down in writing to protect your company and your brand.

Business purchases: An experienced New York small business attorney can advise you on setting up separate personal and business accounts, and how to define what constitutes as a business purchase.

Commercial leases: Ensure that your business is protected by a strong legal contract that clearly defines your responsibilities and what you are allowed to do.

Real property negotiation, agreements & closings: A qualified New York small business lawyer can negotiate for you to work toward the best possible deal.

Partnership & shareholder agreements: No matter how small, these often complicated documents are a necessity for any business owner to protect your interests and those of your company.

Debt collection: Most clients pay on time, but dealing with those few clients who don’t or won’t can be a huge legal obstacle and take up a great deal of your precious time if you go it alone, but a lawyer can help.

Wills: Much like a shareholder agreement, business wills are there to protect the future of your company and, in this case, your loved ones as well.

Business Litigation

This includes many civil and criminal legal matters that you may face as a small business owner.

Breach of contract: When a binding agreement is not honored by one of the parties, you can pursue legal action.

Breach of fiduciary duty: This can include insider trading or other related types of fraud.

Domain, copyright, and trademark claims: If someone infringes on your rights, you have the right to ask them to stop.

Shareholder disputes: These types of corporate control issues can hurt the performance of your company and should be addressed by a qualified New York attorney.

Fraud: You may have issues with fraudulent transactions with clients or other companies, or you may be charged with fraud.

Estate disputes: A death of an owner can cause a legal battle for surviving loved ones and also affect the performance of the company.

Federal Claims: This can include breach of contract claims, claims for patent and copyright infringement against the government, protests regarding contract bidding procedures.

For a small business owner, dealing with any one of these problems can be a major hassle that seriously derails your business and hurts your livelihood. If you are accused of any of these things, or need to combat someone who has harmed your business by engaging in any of the above, you need an experienced New York small business lawyer on your side.

Whether you are a retailer, artist, entrepreneur, accountant, attorney, real estate owner, restaurant, contractor, lender, IT firm, importer, medical professional, or another service professional, you want someone with extensive experience in settlement, shareholder and partnership disputes, intellectual property conflicts and claims, real property, and contract and creditor suits. A good New York small business attorney understands the legal concerns and needs that you’re going to face, and will work with you to find practical, cost effective solutions that help you avoid the disruption to your business that litigation causes and preserve your business relationships. The sooner you develop a relationship with a lawyer, the better since they will be there to help you as your company grows and also better understand the ins and outs of your business.

By Eric Sachs