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Sex Work Crimes Clientele

Interviewer: What sorts of clients get mixed up in Sex Crimes?

Attorney: As you mentioned it is a touchy subject and it’s come very much to the forefront in the last six to eight months. It was always referred to as a victimless crime, but nowadays we recognize that there is a victim to it and that is the person – and it’s not always a woman. We always associate a prostitute as somebody who’s female, but there are some male prostitutes as well who are put into this line of work. A lot of times it’s not by their own choosing, and because of this, a lot of the courts have developed a human trafficking court just for this, as there is a veterans court and a DWI court. We now have a human trafficking court to look at the individual who is involved. A lot of times it’s a runaway. They started out young; they ran away from home. A lot of them are addicted to some sort of a substance, some sort of drug, whether it be cocaine or heroin or something else.

It starts out with them trying to pay their bills or trying to support their habits. A lot of them meet the wrong individual – we commonly refer to that individual as the pimp – and then they’re not treated as people, at least not by their pimp or by their customers. A lot of them, unfortunately, don’t live a good life. A lot of them are abused; a lot of them end up dead, unfortunately. I’m representing, as we speak, several prostitutes and a few of what are referred to as the Johns – the people who actually solicited the prostitutes – because there was a sting operation that was set up here last year in Nassau County where they targeted the individuals who came to solicit the prostitute.

Interviewer: What’s the common kind of person, as far as the Johns go?

Attorney: There are all sorts now. Believe it or not, it can be. Also, the Johns run somewhat with special events. For instance, the Super Bowl. There is a huge sting operation put into place because there are a lot of looking for that. Everybody thinks it just could be some poor guy walking down the street, but there is no set age or any other limit – whether it’s even sex, religion – as to who the John or the Jane can be. Again, sometimes it’s just a service that’s provided, almost like alcohol at the Super Bowl or the World Series or a lot of these major events. They can be married, they can be single, and they can be all shapes, sizes, and colors. There really is not, that I have seen, any one particular type of person that can be a John.

Common Misconceptions Regarding Sex Crimes

Interviewer: What would you say are some of the common misconceptions that the general public and your clients have?

Attorney: There are two misconceptions. One is that prostitutes are well off, they charge a lot of money, and it’s a very clean, luxurious business. Then the other part of it is that it’s somebody who is a street person, dirty, drug infested and infected with diseases. Those may be only two of the different types of women or men who end up being prostitutes.