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Scenarios In Domestic Violence Cases And Hiring An Experienced Attorney

How Often Are Drugs Or Alcohol Involved? Does That Make A Case Easier Or Harder To Defend?

Drugs or alcohols are involved in many of the domestic violence cases. You can’t say most of the cases but at least half, if not more than half, where one spouse is or somebody is just drinking. People don’t recognize that in their everyday life, you have one glass of wine, then you have two glasses wine, you have one beer and two bottles or two cans of beer, that’s what you do. That one bit of alcohol sets in and before you know it, that’s just all you need to make you a little unruly. Then when somebody takes it away and you really want it, it’s like taking a bone away from a dog.

The allegation that somebody is abusing prescription medication, is also found a lot in these cases. It is commonly seen in DUI/DWI defense cases that a doctor prescribed Xanax for people. They start to take the Xanax as prescribed; not a problem, not abusing it, but then maybe they’ll have a drink with it. Before you know, they take more Xanax and then they start abusing their prescription medication and then they start abusing the person with whom they have a relationship or they had a relationship.

So, drugs and alcohol tend to be a catalyst in a lot of other cases as well, not just domestic violence.

What Should Someone Do If They Are In A Relation Which Could Turn Into A Domestic Violence Situation?

If you find that there is a problem between you and your partner, whether you’re still married, ever married, never married, anybody could be in a domestic situation, the best thing that needs to happen is to extricate yourself. Get away from that situation, and avoid before it starts. If there is fighting going on, whether it’s physical or just verbal, seek help before somebody goes to the police, and before it escalates. Somebody should get an amicable divorce or an amicable breakup than wait for it to become something where the police get involved. If that happens, you’re involved in the criminal justice system.

If people can recognize that nobody is perfect, including themselves, and they can avoid the situation originally, that’s the best they can do. They can go see a lawyer and it doesn’t have to be a divorce lawyer, they can see a criminal lawyer for a consultation or free consultation or otherwise. They can learn about these things and avoid the domestic violence charge all together.

Why Is It Absolutely Necessary To Have An Attorney Experienced In Handling Domestic Violence Cases To Help With The Charges?

For the simple reason that you’re dealing with a different language, you’ve gone to another planet, you’ve gone to another country and you don’t speak their language. In an effort to represent yourself or in an effort to try and do what you think is the right thing by not having a lawyer, you could create enemies, you could find yourself really damaging yourself. Without an attorney, you could be damaging your case and damaging the person that you maybe don’t want to have a problem with.

When you have an experienced attorney, they can explain the system to you. They are making you more comfortable with what’s happening around you, they are educating you. Attorneys educate their clients, so they understand how it is that they got to be where they are. From the minute they come into the office, sitting on a chair, going through the system and explaining to them what the courthouse looks like, what they’re going to be doing, where they’re going to be sitting, how an attorney will help them get through this, it’s all part of the education process for the client.

When you have somebody who is not experienced in criminal law, who is not experienced in the domestic violence part of the criminal law charge, you are literally being your own doctor. You’re conducting your own tests, you’re coming to your own conclusions without ever going to medical school and you’re diagnosing and treating yourself. That may work if you have a splinter but sometimes splinters get infected and sometimes those infections cause death just from a simple splinter simply because you’re not a medical person. In the criminal law, and in any law field, until you’ve had such time as to go the law school, learn these things, become licensed, practice in the courts, and become experienced in this field, that’s the only way to stop somebody from killing themselves or being killed.

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