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Retaining An Attorney

Interviewer: If a client were concerned about the cost of hiring an attorney, what would you tell them?

Attorney: You should never worry about the cost of hiring an attorney; it’s the difference between life and death. For the people who hire cheap lawyers, there’s that old adage: you get what you pay for.

We tell people that an experienced attorney who knows what they’re doing is just like an experienced doctor or an experienced surgeon. An experienced anybody is what you actually are looking for. If you’re looking for price, then you’re not interested in who’s going to spend a lot of time doing the proper work for you and you really would end up getting hurt in the long run. A lot of times the client won’t be receiving the top service, or get the top reward for taking the time to hire an experienced attorney. Money is the last thing somebody should be concerned about when they’re hiring an attorney.

Client Morale

Interviewer: How do you help clients cope with this sort of situation once they’re caught in the sting? I’m pretty sure they’re embarrassed, so how do you help them cope with that and help them get on with their lives?

Attorney: First of all, we have access to counselors. We refer them to counselors for anything that we can’t do. For their regular legal needs, we walk them through it; explain what the situation is; explain what to expect, what the court looks like, the whole scenario as to how they got to be where they are; what we will do for them to help get them through the anxiety of the unknown; and let them know they’re not the only person that’s ever gone through this before and that we’ve handled this before and this is what we will do and what will help them. Most people feel a lot better dealing with us in my office.