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Parting Advice: Always Consult With An Attorney If You Are Facing A Criminal Charge

Interviewer: Lastly, just provide a personal statement to the people reading this. What do you want to say?

Attorney: What we always tell people, when I speak to college students and high school students and I give lectures regarding criminal law and criminal law and procedure and driving while intoxicated is, that it’s very important that people take a step back and pretend if they find themselves in one of these situations, what is the advice that they would give to somebody else and they should follow that advice.

Of course, as we discussed, should always talk to a lawyer. I offer free consultations and most attorneys will also give a free consultation, especially if it’s an attorney who is experienced. I don’t hide anything. We encourage people to talk to a lawyer and they should come in and talk to a lawyer.

Anytime your liberty is at issue and you’re talking about a criminal law, there are potential hazards to your liberty, meaning your freedom. Whether it is freedom from being in jail or freedom of speech, you should always talk to a lawyer. You should always find an experienced lawyer and you don’t find a lawyer based upon his or her price. You find a lawyer based upon his or her experience.

Don’t Select an Attorney because of Price, Select One because of His or Her Ability to Defend You

If you’re going to compare lawyers, you don’t compare lawyers because one was cheaper than the other. You compare lawyers because this one is better or more experienced. This one made me feel more comfortable handling the case. You wouldn’t hire a doctor because he was less expensive than another doctor.

You would hire a doctor because he’s certainly capable of handling whatever the situation was. If my child or your child was involved and needed any medical help, would you take him to the corner drugstore or would you take him to a licensed doctor who’s been doing this procedure for a long time?

You can’t go wrong with finding experience. There is no substitute for experience.