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Other Questions Related To A DWI Conviction

What Could Be Some Further Consequences For Someone Who Is A Habitual Offender Or Has A Felony Or Aggravated DWI Conviction?

Usually, felony DWIs is people who have an aggravating factor to it, but in New York, on a felony DWI, if it is your second DWI within ten years. You have at least those two and sometimes perhaps more than two if they are outside the ten year period. On a felony, the legal fees are most likely going to be increased. The person is now facing jail time and or enhanced probation supervision time, enhanced fines, enhanced license revocation, enhanced Department of Motor Vehicle’s restricted license, conditional licenses or non-reissuance of the suspended or revoked license.

The felony conviction in and of itself has problems where people lose certain rights. For instance the will lose the right to vote. When your employer in certain jobs need to disclose that you have been arrested, convicted, convicted of a felony, a lot of jobs would allow you to work with a misdemeanor, but you may lose your job because in fact it was a felony. Talking about a felony DWI as bad as the entire misdemeanor is just much worse. All the other collateral issues are still there, but they are usually even more enhanced.

How Might A DWI Conviction Affect Someone Trying To Obtain U.S. Citizenship Or Someone Who Is In The United States on a Visa?

More and more, a DWI is preventing people from becoming citizens. Keeping in mind there are so many different ways that people are in the country legally and illegally, but if they have gone through the process of trying to become a citizen, they have submitted their papers and they have disclosed a full investigation into their background. They have to go for an interview, DWI charges, depending upon the level of DUI, whether it is a Driving While Impaired, a Driving While Intoxicated, or an Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated, it can have no effect, have a little effect, or have a full prevention of the person becoming a citizen.

What Are Some Other Charges Associated With A DUI?

Sometimes, people who are not citizens, depending on their status at the time whether they are in the United States legally with green cards, residents or illegally, they may or may not have a license at that time. When that occurs, if there are other charges associated with the DUI such as driving with a suspended license, aggravated unlicensed operation, some of those charges can also stop the person from becoming a citizen, or put their application on hold until the case is resolved.

Sometimes, there is a cycle that these applications are processed and it goes through every five years. There are people who actually miss their application time and have to wait another five years or longer to renew that application to become citizens. Then if the person is in custody, depending on their immigration status, they can then have immigration collateral consequences where the immigration bureau gets a hold of people. They actually deport people from the United States for some of these charges.

Why Is It Important To Hire An Experienced Attorney To Defend A DUI Case?

The most important thing to keep in mind is not to find the cheap lawyer. Save the headache, save the heartache, save tens of thousands of dollars by hiring an experienced DWI defense lawyer. Start with that, and have that lawyer work with you to help you through these issues. The best outcome that you can hope for is to have a dismissal or an acquittal of your DUI case. In almost every single DWI case, like almost every criminal case, there are defenses that can be found and can be used. Just because the government says it is something does not make it so. Just because there is a breath alcohol reading or a blood alcohol reading, something over 0.08%, does not mean that that reading or that number is accurate.

There are numerous things that will affect these outcomes, whether from a breath test, blood test or a urine test. These tests are often affected by a lot of external factors. By having an experienced DWI defense lawyer, they will know what to look for.

Sometimes, the District Attorney’s office makes a plea bargain that is acceptable to the people. Sometimes, the attorneys go to trial and are very successful in defeating these cases and coming out with very successful conclusions for their clients. If you hire a lawyer that does not know how to look for these things and does not know what specific things are, the collateral issues involved and even going through the discovery, then there is very little hope for a person to actually find a successful conclusion. That is why it is important to find an experienced DWI defense attorney.

Grizopoulos & Portz, P.C. have handled all of these types of cases. They have had successful conclusions to all of these types of cases. That’s why it’s very important that people find an experienced lawyer.

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