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New York Giants Sports Star, David Diehl, Pays An Expensive Fine After A DUI Charge

NEW YORK – New York Giant’s offensive lineman, David Diehl, was recently convicted for driving under influence in Queens earlier this Sunday night.

According to the police, they received phone calls at approximately 8:45 p.m about a BMW crashing into several parked cars along 35th Avenue in Astoria, Queens on Sunday night. Upon reaching the site and on further investigation, the police suspected that the sports star was drunk, so they took him to a police station where he failed a Breathalyzer test. A police source told the Daily News that the sobriety test showed a BAC of .18, which is well above the legal limit of .08.

Diehl was heading back home after having spent a day of drinking and watching Croatia play Ireland in the European soccer championships.

In a statement, Richard Brown, Queens District Attorney, says Diehl was prosecuted on two counts of impaired driving. Meanwhile, Diehl faces a penalty of having his license revoked. A judge ordered him to be released on his own recognizance and to return to court on July 26.

“I’ve worked hard during my career to set a positive example, and yesterday I fell far short of this standard,” Diehl said in a statement. “I apologize to my family, my fans, the New York Giants, and the NFL. I made a poor decision that I sincerely regret, and, as always, take full responsibility for my actions.”

The sports star will be paying an enormous fine, but is unlikely to be suspended by the NFL after being charged for a DUI. As a first-time offender of a DUI with “absent aggravating circumstances,” Diehl is mostly likely to be fined one game check up to a maximum of $50,000 and since Diehl earns $70,588.23 per game (his 2012 salary is $1.2 million), the monetary loss seems minimal.

“The policy states that a first DUI with absent aggravating circumstances, generally results in a fine of one-game check up to a maximum of $50,000, pending a resolution in court to establish an alcohol-related violation of law,” said NFL spokesman Greg Aiello. “Subsequent violations or aggravating circumstances in an initial DUI would result in increased discipline, including suspension. The player is also evaluated by the program’s clinicians to determine whether he should be entered into the program for treatment and counseling.”

“Obviously we are aware of the situation, although we have not yet had a chance to discuss it with David,” the Giants said in another statement. “Since it is an ongoing legal matter, we will refrain from commenting at this time, although we will say that David has been an outstanding representative of this organization for the past 10 years, and nobody knows more than David does what is expected of our players both on and off the field.”

According to a league source, the NFL has been pushing to increase the penalties for players caught driving drunk, but the NFL Players Association has been resistant to any changes to the old policy. The 31-year-old Diehl has proven to be one of the Giants’ most versatile and durable players, playing three different positions along the O-line and starting in 140 games. Diehl, who made the Pro Bowl in 2009, has two years remaining on a six-year, $31 million contract he signed in 2008.

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