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Is Self-Representation Ever Advisable In An Assault Case?

I say the same thing to every potential client and everybody who’s ever had an issue even with a speeding ticket that we live in a society where when somebody is being accused of a crime and regardless of how it looks, you wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself, you would not go to the dentist because people would think that you have bad teeth. You do what you need to do to protect your health, and that’s what we are. Even though we are not medical doctors, we’re legal doctors.

It’s not worrying about the people to whom you might look guilty by having a lawyer, I don’t think in this day and age that anybody would think that! Nowadays people would expect you to go to a lawyer, why wouldn’t you go to a lawyer! We ask everybody, we say to them it’s not how much is the lawyer worth, how much are you worth? Yourself, this is your life, this is your possible freedom and confinement. People think that because you got a lawyer, that you’re guilty! People would look at you expecting that you should have a lawyer and they would think that not getting a lawyer will be a problem.

Expertise Of Grizopoulos & Portz, P.C. In Handling Assault Cases

Experience is really the best part of it. Experience and the successful defense record of these cases. I’ve been practicing law for over 32 years and I’ve been doing assault cases for the entire 32 year period.  The fact that I’m a former assistant district attorney, a former prosecutor, and not only that but one who prosecuted assault cases sets me apart from a lot of attorneys out there who were never prosecutors! Those who were prosecutors but did not prosecute assault cases and don’t have the track record that my firm has, nor the track record that I personally have.

A successful outcome, and that’s really what clients want to hear! They want to know that not only have you done these cases but there’s a successful outcome that clients appreciate to have a resolution to their matter to the extent that they’re satisfied with the outcome. What is it that the client is realistically looking to do and to achieve, and that’s what we do.  We make clients happy, we are good at what we do, we help them achieve the results that they are looking for and the results that we talked to them about initially without lying to them and telling them that we can sell them something that we don’t own.

So, when people come in, they get a realistic outlook of their case, they get a realistic view of what the case is all about, they get a realistic view of what they can expect me to offer to them, talking about court appearances, conferences and the directions in which their case goes and help them get rid of some of the anxiety that they are undergoing and that they can anticipate during the course of the case that by having an experienced attorney, they don’t have some of that anxiety because they’re educated and they trust us to help them get through what it is that they need to do.

Additional Information Regarding Assault Charges In New York

If someone gets charged with an assault case, it doesn’t mean that only bad people get accused of these things. We live in a day and age now where the average citizen who woke up in the morning, went to work, had no intention of committing a crime is charged with assault. It doesn’t require somebody to wake up and say, “I’m going to get this person”, it doesn’t require that malicious and horrible intent; it could just be an action that an average person would undertake going out and having too much to drink and being involved in a car accident or maybe not being in the car but having a contact between your car and a person or something else.

An assault charge doesn’t require the person to necessarily be bad! We think only the bad guys get up and they’re looking to shoot and kill each other, they’re drug dealers and they’re crazies; it happens to people who act in a certain fashion and they forget to be responsible. So, just by definition under the New York state law by being reckless or just being involved in a situation that is not reasonable and prudent, you can find yourself being accused of a crime! If that happens, it’s very important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how to handle and has dealt with assault cases.

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