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Insurance Company After An Accident

This article shares some great advice from car accident attorney, Aaron Crane from Cantor Crane about how insurance companies will treat you after an accident.  Insurance agents are actually people. Some of you know this and are even friendly enough with your hometown agent to go out to dinner or to a cafe together from time to time. It all sounds like a wonderful business relationship, until you actually need something from your insurance company more than paying your monthly premiums and receiving your bi-annual insurance cards and other paperwork. When the time comes for you to file a claim on a car accident or personal injury incident, then the insurance company that your friendly agent represents becomes your bitterest enemy on the planet.

Consider yourself pre-warned; do not be taken in by the clever advertising jingles coupled with the fun and feel good insurance company slogans. You are in good hands with your insurance company who is much like a good neighbor up to the point that you want a portion of your insurance policy premiums back. This is the point when they will prove just how cheap and sneaky they actually are by attempting to settle your legitimate and often times pain-wracked claim for the smallest amount of money which they possibly can. This is in fact how this cabal of global insurance companies became among the richest companies in the history of the world, after all.

What You Can Expect When You File Your Claim

Once you experience your wreck and make the red line crossing to file a claim with the cheap and greedy insurance company whom you have bankrolled for years upon years, they will call you and try to talk with you about your accident and the resulting claim which you have filed. Please do not let their friendly cloak of deceit fool you into a casual and lax phone conversation or meeting in person with them. You may think this is just a friendly heart to heart where you spill your guts on all of the details that occurred just before, during, and after the accident.

Nothing could actually be further from the truth. They are taking copious notes on every word you say, if not actually recording it outright. Your own words can and will be used against you in their court of calculations. These words undoubtedly will be employed to lower the amount of money which they pay out to you on your claim, or on occasion even to deny your claim altogether. Because of this, think carefully about the following when dealing with insurance company, and get your head around the fact that you must not tell them any of the following statements, whatever else you do:

1. “I’m just not sure”, or “I can’t believe what just happened…”

Do not allow the enemy to bait you into estimating or hypothesizing any of the actual facts in your case. It may be that you do not exactly know what your final speed was before you crashed, or even what the color on the traffic light was when you blew through the intersection. Do not tell them anything. Instead, retort that you do not have that information. The worst thing that you can possibly start a comment or answer a question with is “I think” or “I guess.” Instead of stopping the insurance adjuster from whittling down your final claim by not being able to utilize the statements against you, it only gives them more mileage to argue that you actually had no idea what was happening at the time of the accident and to lower the amount that they propose to pay you.

2. “It really was my fault…”

It is the nature of good people who are involved in an accident to wish to apologize or to take responsibility for an accident, particularly if you were to blame. You have to get past this temptation and never admit responsibility to any living soul, neither the police officer who is investigating the case, the other participant in the accident, or especially not insurance adjusters. These kind of statements can and likely will be employed against you by your so called friendly good neighborhood insurance claims adjuster. Besides this, you may not correctly surmise the level of responsibility in the accident that the other individual bore.

3. “I actually was not badly hurt…”

It could take days, or sometimes even weeks, for you to learn how bad your injuries are from the accident. It may be that some of them are hidden internal injuries which are serious and have not yet have shown themselves. Never tell your insurance claims adjustor that you did not realize any injuries until at least a few days or more have elapsed and you have been thoroughly checked out by a doctor or specialist. Should you make the amateur mistake of telling your adjustor that you were not injured, then change your story to him or her a few days or weeks later, then you will very quickly learn how very difficult it can be to receive even a drop of compensation on such injuries.

When you have suffered injury in any kind of accident, it is critical that you call a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in dealing with personal injury as soon as humanly possible. In this way, you will be able to realize a greater compensation that you deserve for your medical expenses and accident-related injuries. They are experts in handling the rogues at your insurance outfit to make sure that your claim is not denied or delayed.  Contact Cantor Crane today at (602) 254-2701.

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