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Impact of A DWI Conviction on Someone’s Ability to Travel

Can Traveling Internationally Be A Problem For Someone With A DWI Conviction On Their Record, Especially Canada?

Yes. Canada is one of the countries but not the only one. Unless you are a Canadian citizen, no country is allowed to turn their citizens away, unless you are a Canadian. If you have a pending DUI case or a conviction for a DUI case, it does not matter whether it is the impaired with a lesser, under 0.08%, or the conviction, Canada is not letting you in. However, there are always exceptions.

Also, you can spend money with a law firm or other attorneys in Canada to help you get a visa or a temporary permission to enter the country. However, if you are not aware of it, it is extremely embarrassing, especially with your family and friends when you go to Niagara Falls and you would like to go across to the Canadian side and they stop you, or even worse if the international flyer who comes back to United States and the plane makes a stop in Canada to clear customs, there is a problem because you are not allowed into Canada. These problems will come up. There are other countries in the world that have similar restrictions.

Can A DWI Conviction Jeopardize Your Career?

Yes, it is going to jeopardize your career especially if you are an employer and other fellow employees and colleagues did not know that you had this was in your past or you have it clearly pending. That is a huge collateral consequence and if your job requires you to travel to and from Canada regularly, you can expect to probably have an employment issue or an unemployment issue.

Are There Any Other Types Of Security Clearances That Could Be Impacted By A DWI Conviction?

Yes, one example is TSA. Airline employees have a type of speed pass which will allow the flight attendants and pilots to get through security regularly and relatively easily. You run the risk of having that cancelled, so you cannot get through the speed pass line, and you run the risk of not being able to again travel into that country. For example, if you work for Air Canada or you work for one of the major airlines that you might find yourself scheduled to go to Canada for the night as a layover and come back, that could become a big issue as well. Your security clearance is affected. Then there are other security clearances in the United States itself. The military clearances that are out there and regular security clearances depending on your occupation and depending on the type of clearance you need. This gets reported because anytime you are fingerprinted; it will get reported to the agencies that are monitoring this. Therefore, your boss of bosses will even know about it.

Even working its way down to people who are licensed real estate brokers, stock brokers, insurance brokers, some of them have to go through clearances to get their licenses. They have to go through recurrent clearances every year where these arrests or convictions need to be disclosed. Although New York and most of these licenses are not revoked because of these convictions, you need to know that a lot of the employers will have issues with it. Therefore, a human resources issue will come into play and people can lose their jobs because of this as well.

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