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If You Hire A Lawyer, Can They Get Your Charges Reduced?

Interviewer: In the cases that you’ve been able to get reduced, what do they get reduced to commonly?

Attorney: The majority of the cases get reduced to a lesser charge of under .08, which would be the driving while ability impaired. That comes with a 90-day suspension of a driver’s license for which you can get a conditional license. You get driving privileges during that time and, historically, a $350 dollar fine.

Attorney: Sometimes we get cases reduced to speeding tickets. There are a lot of occasions, a lot of our cases, we get just speeding tickets instead of any alcohol related on those. So those are really the two goals, besides from having the cases dismissed. But, realistically, the goal to set out in a plea bargain is to settle somewhere for less than the regular charge, driving while impaired, and if we can, we push it and we fight for it and we try to get some people the regular traffic infraction that does not involve an alcohol relation at all.