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How Public Will The Arrest Be?

Interviewer: So when this happens, when you’re charged, how public is your situation going to be? Will your work find out or your friends or family?

Attorney: Well, everybody who is arrested, it’s a public record. Will they find out about it? Not usually, the days of putting these out on the internet are much less than they used to be. But there are websites, there are these patch websites, and the local papers, they show up a lot of times in the local newspaper. They follow the arrests. Sometimes we try to speak to the papers and try to down play it if the person is concerned about that.

Those are out there, but usually nobody gets notified, they don’t receive letters. It’s up to the person whether or not they want to notify their employer if they have to. But aside from it just being public record, most people don’t really find out about it. There are some instances people who work for New York State or work for the board of education or work in the school system. Those people’s employer do get notified of the arrest, but the pending cases, except for pilots and a commercial driver, does not create a loss of job, and does not create a suspension from the job. It’s just waiting to see what happens at the end of the case.