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How Important Is It For A DWI Client To Fully Realize Their Options?

If you hire the right DWI lawyer, you will get to know all of your options. Our attorney educates his clients from the very first time he meets with them and talks to them on the phone, when they come into the office and through the entire case.

By going to trial you could be severely hampered with the outcome if, for example, you’re not aware that you could lose your license for six months or one year as opposed to what the plea offer was and now you could lose your job and all different things. Therefore if a person is not told all of their options and all of the ramifications then the lawyer is not doing them a service and the client can’t possibly be making an intelligent decision.

Can People Generally Afford To Go To Trial For A DWI Case?

Going to trial on a DWI case is not incredibly expensive. When you hire a lawyer who actually is a DWI lawyer, you’re paying for that expertise. If you’re going to trial and you have the right lawyer then the answer is usually, “I’m going to trial because I have to go to trial and therefore I can’t afford not to go to trial.”

Money really should never be the deciding factor on why you choose a lawyer, and it should never be the deciding factor on why you go to trial. If you are under arrest and you’re accused of DWI you must find an experienced DWI attorney.

How much are you worth? How much is your life worth? How much is your job worth? Hiring the right DWI attorney is an investment in your life.

What Are The Most Important Things To Know About A DWI Trial?

In every trial, there is no guarantee to the end. The most important thing people have to understand is the reason that they’re going to go to trial. You don’t go to trial just because you don’t like a plea offer. You don’t go to trial just because you feel like going to trial. You go to trial because you need to go to trial. This is not cosmetic surgery. This is life threatening. This is surgery that you need to have and this is a case that you need to have addressed properly. This is a case that you need to have an experienced attorney for, and this is a case that has to be resolved properly. If it has to go to trial, Our Attorney is the lawyer that you have to have to handle that trial.

Is There Difference Between Attorneys That Fight For Their Clients And Others That Take Plea Deals?

Attorney Sachs finds that the attorneys who just want to plead DWI cases out and move on are the attorneys that call themselves DWI attorneys. They represent DWI clients. They don’t know what they’re doing and really have no interest in the client. They don’t understand the case and would never be able to try a case.

People need to find an experienced knowledgeable DWI lawyer; not just a lawyer who says he does DWI cases.

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