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FAQs When Someone Is Convicted Of A DWI

Are People Generally Surprised At The Long-term Collateral Consequences They Are Going To Face With The DUI Conviction On Their Record?

Most people are not only surprised, but they do not have the slightest idea of the collateral consequences of a DUI conviction and the consequences it can have on their lives. People are just looking at the short term effects of maybe their driver’s license after an arrest, the possibility of having a blemish on their record or even a criminal conviction. However, it is not until they talk to an attorney about the full consequences of a DUI on all the aspects of their lives that they really understand then how serious the charge of a DWI in New York can be. If the DWI charge is not handled correctly by an experienced DWI defense attorney, it can be devastating for their lives.

What Are Some Misconceptions People Have About Getting A DWI?

Previously, a DWI was not taken quite as seriously as they are now. People just think that is a DUI, and they can do some community service and move on with their lives. However, that is not the case anymore.

That is exactly what people do until they find out some of the collateral things that go with a DUI. It is not only the legal fees associated directly with the case and the court fees, but there is the Department of Motor Vehicle fees, insurance fees; not only will the insurance rates go up, but they will have some sort of an assessment on their insurance. They will have assessments on their Department of Motor Vehicle fees and on their registration and license fees.

They are classes that they need to take both from the DMV side, and from the insurance side. In New York and in Long Island, if they are placed on probation, there are probation fees and there are pre-sentence fees. The Department of Motor Vehicles will have them take classes regarding what used to be the DDP or the Drunk Driver Program. DDP is now referred to as the IDP for the Impaired Driver Program, because everybody who is convicted of any alcohol related offense has to take these classes and that costs money.

There may be treatment fees if you are associated with drinking. If you have to get any kind of treatment or counseling or an education, there are fees associated with these classes as well. There are fees associated with getting just an original evaluation for your DWI defense attorney to bring to court to use with the judge, an ADA or any kind of supervisor to look at the person themselves. Therefore, it could be running anywhere between not hundreds of dollars, but a minimum of thousands of dollars into the tens of thousands of dollars. If the case is not handled correctly, those monies will even be greater.

An experienced DWI defense attorney can be successful in defending DWI cases and even get it reduced to a violation from a crime to even getting it knocked out. The inexperienced attorney will not know how to do that and those people will have major problems with their criminal records and all these fees and fines and classes associated with it.

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