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Effects of A DUI Conviction to Continue Further Education

How Would Having A DUI Or A DWI Conviction On Someone’s Record Possibly Affect Someone’s Ability To Enroll In Medical Programs Or Law Programs Or Any Other Profession?

In New York, very few of the professional licensing will be prohibited or restricted by having a DUI conviction. It is going to affect whether or not an employer hires you. Depending on what you want to do, then specifically you may have a problem. For instance, if you are required to have a professional license such as an airline pilot with a DUI or a DWI, not only do you run the risk and you will probably be grounded or lose your job, you are going to be greatly affected negatively and even possibly be unemployed.

Anything that requires a commercial driver’s license, such as school bus drivers, city bus drivers or taxi drivers, they will have a problem getting employment and some of those licenses may be restricted or cancelled. Even having a license suspension before the conviction will trigger a problem for people who are in the airline industry who are driving taxicabs and commercial driver’s licenses, because a lot of them are required to have a physical that is current and valid to go along with their license. Once there is a suspension, it triggers the suspension of the medical issue and then there is treatment involved. This requires thousands of hours and thousands of dollars’ worth of work to get these people back into their jobs.

The law profession to become a licensed lawyer, not only do you have to take the bar examination, but you need to be interviewed by what is called the Character & Fitness Committee. You will be interviewed and you will have to disclose that you have this arrest or arrests on your record. This could delay or prevent you from becoming licensed to practice law in any state. Medical doctors, nurses, people who have access to medicines, controlled substances, could also have their licenses suspended. Although a doctor could be allowed to practice medicine, he would probably be restricted from prescribing medication. That becomes an issue for them, how do you prescribe medication for your patients if your license, your DEA license to prescribe has been suspended or revoked?

Without having an experienced DWI defense lawyer and just hiring the average criminal defense lawyer, they do not always know how to properly defend these DUI cases. This is where people really run the risk of having just total failure and devastating consequences from this kind of charge and conviction.

Could A DWI Conviction Potentially Affect Someone’s Ability To Gain Access To Schooling Or Scholarship Programs?

Yes, it would absolutely affect students. A lecture on this topic recently given to high school students by Attorney talked about how devastating an arrest charge could be. This is particularly important in the Prom season for instance. There is concern about the pre prom parties, the prom itself and the after prom parties. What can happen with the DWI arrest even before there is a conviction? In that case, you have the financial aspects of having to hire a lawyer to help get you out of this. Most of the country has a drinking age of twenty-one now. So, if a student is in college and they are under twenty-one, legally they cannot drink. Now, those two issues have to be dealt with.

In case of most scholarship recipients, it is dependent upon maintaining a certain grade point average and maintaining a certain moral character. Each college has their own moral and ethical codes, so depending on where you are arrested, on or off campus, depending on what the situation was, the school could revoke your scholarship. The school could actually revoke your admission to the school. They cannot just fail everything because they are in college, otherwise the school, the university, or the college can revoke the acceptance.

This all comes into play as well in a DUI. Collateral issues all stemming from the charge of a DUI monetarily could be absolutely devastating. Not only are you allowed to stay in school, you may not be able to afford it because they have withdrawn the scholarship and the grants to the student.

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