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“I had the unfortunate incident of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and I ended up facing a mandatory sentence. Not only did he ease my anxiety, he attended hearings in my absence and got me a sentence with only community service. THE BEST ATTORNEY EVER! A good lawyer knows the law, a great lawyer knows the prosecutors, the best lawyer knows the judges! BINGO! The BEST!” – Eric B.

“Until I started speaking with attorneys, I just thought an attorney is just an attorney. One has to be just as good as the next. I didn’t understand just how critical it is to have an attorney who specializes in the legal matter that you are facing; not just one who handles everything. Attorney offered incredible detail and insider knowledge based on his experience from both sides of the table; as a former Assistant District Attorney and as a criminal defense attorney.” – A Satisfied Client

“I completely and unreservedly recommend this attorney. I can say this, I was in a rough spot and is talent and expertise were essential in getting the job done. Thanks to both he and Christine for there hard work and talent.” – A Former Client

“Christine, Thank you so much for all your help the past few months! I am so grateful for the guidance and assistance with some of my 1192 cases. As a newer attorney, your attention and direction have been invaluable. If there is anything that I could ever do for you, please don’t hesitate to call on me.” – Brian

“I just wanted thank you for all of the time and effort that you put into my dreadful case. Your knowledge on DWI offenses was beyond impeccable and I wouldn’t trust any other attorney to handle the situation that I was facing. I also want to give a special thank you to Christine for assisting me and answering all of my questions. Not only did you get my case reduced to an impaired, but you also saved my career and future. From the bottom of my heart, I wish the best for both you and Christine. Thank you again!” – Ralph D.

“Christine, Hope every day of the coming year brings you something to smile about! I just got my full license back from the DMV. The three year odyssey is now over! Thanks for working your magic/ guidance through the scary legal system / courts.

Christine: Thank you for your unwavering patience with me during this process!

Wishing you both the best moving forward.” – Sean “too many questions” O.

“Thank you… It’s been an exhausting experience. I so much want my life back without fear of him… I hope the letter works and doesn’t make him more angry. I guess we will see how it’s goes. Thanks again for your support and caring, you truly are an asset to your profession.” – Jodi

“A HUGE thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a job well done. Whatever “magic” you performed behind closed doors, we respectfully appreciate your expertise and the results it procured. Your calm demeanor, suggestions, and honesty regarding Katherine’s “situation” made a family nightmare more tolerable as the months dragged on. Bravo!A special thank you also to Christine who was so thorough and patient throughout. She always got the job done in a very timely fashion. The referral to Amy Baumgarten was another plus; she was the perfect match for Katherine and I think in some ways she will miss their bi-weekly meetings. (They can meet for coffee!!) My only regret is that I hadn’t found you, or someone in your office, to have handled my divorce! Most sincerely,” – Jane and Katherine H.

“Many Thanks for the favorable outcome and all your hardwork on my behalf. Thanks to Christine for answering all my questions!” – Sean G.

“Thank you so much for all you have done for us. From the first day we came to your office, you put us at ease. We had one of the hardest cases. Our daughter was charged with drinking and driving, reckless driving and a felony. Every time we would move ahead, there was always something to pull us back two steps. no matter how bad things got you still found a way to help us. I have friends that have used lawyers for different reasons and they all said the same thing, ” my lawyer never calls me back !”We were very lucky to have you represent us. I remember the day my daughter was in court for the last time. Judge Ayres said to my daughter that she should be very grateful for all you have done for her. He also commented on how persistent you were towards this case unlike many other lawyers who would have been with a case like this. In todays time drinking and driving have become a very serious crime. It took a lot for the Judge to understand the situation and the facts behind my daughter. This entire situation was out of character for her. Not only you get my daughter off with five years probation and a sealed record, but you also had Judge Ayres sign a certificate of relief from civil disabilities. this should help her to find a job with less difficulties.

I hope no one I know ever has to go through what we went through. But if they do, you will be the one we would highly recommend for the job.

Enclosed is a thank you from Gerry, Meghann and I for you. We will keep in touch and fill you in on all Meghann’s future endeavors.” – Barkey G.

“In early March of 2012, my wife had some drinks at home and took our car to King Kline,’ to get lettuce for a salad for dinner, while I was napping, after I had been doing a lot of work on our grounds that day. Normally, I would have gone to the store. While stopping at a light, she tapped the car in front of her The driver exited the car shouting about the damage to his car (there wasn’t a scratch on the front of our car), and seeing my wife was upset, asked my wife for $3000, and told her then “they would call it even”. My wife said “no way” to this shakedown, and continued on to our local King Kulien store, where she parked the car and exited it. In the interim, the other driver had called 911, and the police arrived. They gave my wife some cursory “tests” for sobriety, and then brought her to the local village Police Station House, where she was breathalized and arrested and charged with an aggravated DWI (she blew a high number). When my wife didn’t return home, received a call from the Police Station telling me that my wife was in custody. I was extremely upset over the incident, and didn’t know what to do. I went on line and chose attorney from a list of a number of attorneys, claiming to have expertise in handling DWI cases, and called his office.In retrospect, I could not have made a better choice. Attorney and his assistant Christine were tremendous. They explained everything in detail, were very professional, comprehensive, responsive, understanding, sensitive, and reassuring, during those first few days, and then throughout the number of months that it took to settle the case. Attorney’s knowledge of the law, familiarity with the courts involved (in Northport, Central Islip, and Riverhead), and with the procedures, and the judges and various District Attorneys, and other court staff etc. involved, were invaluable, relative to the handling of the case, and getting the best settlement possible for my wife, within the constraints of the law, in a very timely manner, given the circumstances and particulars of my wife’s case.

In summary, given our overall, very positive experience, with this attorney, we would not hesitate to recommend him to others, in need of his help, regarding DWI related incidents. – Joe H.

“This has been an exceptionally long and stressful process. It has taken 2 years, lots of vacation time from work, and thousands of dollars. I can honestly say that this has been the most frustrating thing I’ve ever experienced in my adult life. I have never, in my 44 years of life, been in trouble with the law or had anything more than a traffic ticket. For people not familiar with criminal law enforcement, the whole “world” of bail, jail, rights, diversions, motions, hearings, and charges is downright scary and alien. The police only tell you what they have to. The laws are written to the lowest human standards like town drunks and alcoholics who are repeat offenders, not for responsible, tax-paying professionals. Even though only accused and not convicted of anything, you are treated as a criminal. Even in the modern world of the internet and unlimited information, it is crucial to have experts in your corner from the very start. Please feel free to share this message with potential clients like myself who have been accused of a crime they did not commit and feel they are victims of police incompetence and misconduct.”
– David S.

“He is one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Suffolk and Nassau County. Faced with a DWI with a refusal to submit to a chemical test, most people told me my fate was sealed. He was able to get my charge reduced from a criminal DWI to a traffic violation DWAI. Not only was he able to save me from having a criminal record, but I never lost my driving privilege. His professionalism, responsiveness, and knowledge of criminal law are unmatched. I highly recommend this attorney, especially in matters regarding matters regarding driving under the influence.” – Albert S.

“On behalf of my wife and I, I would like to express my appreciating to Grizopoulos & Portz, P.C.. As someone who has never had dealings with the criminal courts in any way other than a speeding ticket, he and Christine helped us through the long, uphill battle of fighting a DWI that I should have never been arrested for.After being pulled over for suspicion of driving while intoxicated in a highly targeted area, the officer with the DWI task force arrested me for refusing to blow after successfully passing the field sobriety tests. The officer fabricated reasons for being pulled over, as well as reasons for being arrested.

These police officers know exactly what actions to take during the stop, what to write on their reports, and what to say while on the stand. When you are having to fight this type of police officer in a courtroom setting, you need a well prepared lawyer with the experience that he has.

This is your life, professional career, and criminal record at stake, you must accept only the best. He got my DWI charge with failure to blow knocked down to a driving while ability impaired (DWAI) and ended this year-long nightmare that everyone in our family has faced.” – Mark Y.

“I would like to express my fullhearted gratitude and appreciation to mark the end of a very traumatic episode in my family’s life, especially that of my daughter.It was 2 a.m. on March 28th, 2010, when I was suddenly awakened by loud banging on my front door. Startled and scared, my heart pounding, I ran downstairs. There was a police officer at the door. “Yes,” I said. “What’s wrong?” I held my breath waiting for his reply, one of which I never thought I would hear. “Your daughter has been in an accident,” he said. “The state trooper contacted us, they’ve been trying to reach you.” “Is she alright, is she hurt? Is she alive?” I asked. He simply stated, “I can’t tell you anything, except to call this number.”

It was every parent’s worse nightmare. You know, the one that happens to everyone else . . . . but not to you! Two of my sons and myself left for the hospital immediately after being told that my daughter was fine, but was also charged with a DWI. They let her remain at the hospital, so we could take her home, but we would later return for a court appearance.

It was by the Grace of God that she survived with minor injuries after going over a guard rail, and tumbling down an embankment onto the highway below. She fell asleep at the wheel due to exhaustion of sleepless nights studying for midterms, and some alcohol she ingested several hours before. She was just 15 minutes away from campus when the accident occurred.

My daughter, my beautiful intelligent, sensitive, responsible daughter, that had proven herself to be a capable young adult, used very poor judgment that night. “I could do it Mom, I was almost there. I was in control!” Famous last words I thought, but you’re not now.

We returned home the following evening, numb and exhausted. I didn’t know what to do or who to call. I know we needed an attorney, but I didn’t trust any that I knew. I was a single parent with 5 children, that got the raw end of the deal in a horrible divorce! I may not have been the most computer savvy person in the world, but I knew how to search for a DWI attorney in Suffolk County, N.Y. I came to a site that asked you to fill in your name, address, and phone number and they would contact you! The next morning, my phone rang. It was you. Your tone and speech was calming and reassuring. You were thorough and easy to understand. So I made an appointment for myself and my daughter to meet with you.

From the start, you were outstanding! Your knowledge of law, personal guidance, emotional support and litigation in my daughter’s behalf was beyond professional. I never doubted your capabilities. I entrusted in you the well being of my most precious child without fear. You were realistic yet hopeful, and perseverant to the very end. Your approachable manner reduced anxiety of a most traumatic time.

Nearly, one year to the day of the accident had passed, and my daughter walked through the door crying! “It’s over!”, she exclaimed. “I’m done!” I didn’t know what she was referring to. “He got it down to a DWA, and a $150 dollar fine. He said he would even mail it to the courthouse for me. I just need to send the check to him.” At that moment her nightmare had ended like only a bad dream.

My daughter’s self-esteem grew 10x that day. She could hold her head high again. She really is a good person, she just made a very poor decision. She was always an honor’s student, conscientious, hardworking, popular, and had a good heart. The humility and acceptance of her own poor judgment were the best teachers this past year. She’s held herself accountable by becoming more emotionally responsible.” – Anthony J.

“I want to thank you for all your help in getting my case settled. I know it wasn’t easy for you to pick-up in the middle of a case but you did it!!I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs an attorney.

Again, your professionalism & consideration for my situation was greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,” – Debra V