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Are There Different Consequences For Commercial Drivers?

Interviewer: All right, last question about licensing. What about commercial drivers? How are they affected differently?

Attorney: For commercial drivers, if they have an accusation of a DWI, their CDL will be suspended. Convictions of CDL even for .04, any alcohol at all can lose their CDL for 18 months or longer.

Interviewer: Wow.

Attorney: And then at the end of that time, they have to start again to get their commercial driver’s license back. So again it’s terribly, terribly important for people who make their living by using their license, that they have a lawyer who knows what the system is, who know how to advise them on what to do. A refusal on a commercials driver’s license can absolutely be devastating to a commercial operator, which could be even worse than having a accusation or conviction for DWI. So people who need their license, as we all do for driving for everyday reasons, but those people who have to earn a living to support their families, it’s incredibly important that they have a lawyer who absolutely knows DWI work to help them.