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A Criminal Defense Attorney Handles Cases That Range From Traffic Violations To Murder Cases

Attorney: I’m a former assistant district attorney, and I’ve been practicing criminal law for over 32 years, as a sole practitioner in Long Island, New York.

Interviewer:  What areas do you serve, is it primarily Nassau and Suffolk or other counties in New York?

Attorney:  I serve Nassau County, Suffolk County, Kings County, Queens County and New York County.

Interviewer:  Over 32 years, how many criminal cases do you think you’ve handled?

Attorney:  An approximate figure is probably better than 2,000 to 3,000 cases.

Interviewer:  What’s the most serious case you’ve ever handled?

Attorney:  I’ve handled cases either defending or when I was an assistant district attorney prosecuting, cases that were from violations all the way through homicide cases, attempted murder cases, rape cases, drug cases, narcotics, and driving while intoxicated cases.

Everything from what the average citizen would face which would be a traffic violation all the way up. Hopefully, not everybody has an accusation of a murder case or a homicide.

In the Long Island Area, a Criminal Defense Attorney Typically Handles Numerous Assault and Aggravated Harassment Cases as Well as DUIs

Interviewer:  What cases typically have you seen lately the past few years?

Attorney:  Typical cases would be drug cases involving cocaine, heroin and marijuana. We see a large number of assault cases and aggravated harassment cases in New York. Usually, the altercations are between people who are known to each other, such as a boyfriend, girlfriend or ex-boyfriend and girlfriend or ex-spouses dealing with telephone calls, electronic communications may be aggravated or harassment, such as threatening text messages.

Those are the most common cases, as well as the driving while intoxicated cases, driving under the influence, the DWIs, the DUIs, driving while impaired cases.

DUIs and Prostitution Offenses Are Likely to Be Prosecuted in Nassau County

Interviewer:  Should people be aware of the likelihood of certain offenses being prosecuted? Are there any particular crimes that are being targeted right now by the DA?

Attorney:  The district attorney is Nassau County is targeting the driving while intoxicated cases, anything alcohol related, driving under the influence of any drugs, as well as her latest push is on the prostitution cases and people who are accused of patronizing prostitutes. Those are her main targets right now. It’s a little surprising but that’s what’s happening in Nassau County.

Suffolk County Targets Violent Crimes, Including Assault and Robbery Offenses and DUIs

In Suffolk County, that’s a whole different scenario over there. Obviously their targets are more of the violent crimes, the assaults, the robberies, the homicides, but always driving while intoxicated cases come into play.

Gang-Related Offenses and Bias Crimes Will Be Prosecuted in Both Counties

Gang-related offenses are prosecuted in both counties. Anybody who is accused of any crime that is bias by either discrimination of due to race, religion or sex will be targeted as well.