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If arrested for DWI, your New York Driver's License will be immediately confiscated and you must apply for a conditional license within 10 days


If arrested for DWI, your New York Driver's License will be immediately confiscated and you must apply for a conditional license within 10 days


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An arrest for suspicion of impaired or drunk driving in New York will result in difficult times. You could be sentenced to jail, be forced to pay significant fines, lose all driving privileges and even lose your job. Recent legislation now requires everyone found guilty of driving while intoxicated to install an ignition interlock device, even first offenders.

Fighting a New York DWI is difficult and the consequences of not winning your case are significant enough that you need to hire a qualified and experienced DWI Criminal Law Attorney. Having legal representation will ensure that your rights are protected in court and that you realize the best possible resolution of your case.

New York DWI Lawyers can help. He will talk with you about the details of your situation, study your arrest report and give you an open and honest assessment of your legal options. In retaining his services, he will start building the most aggressive and appropriate defense for the charges filed against you. He will use his legal experience, knowledge of the DWI court system and understanding of New York DWI laws to seek dismissal or reduction of all charges.

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Time is very important after a DWI arrest. The prosecution is already building its case against you and you could be days away from losing your driver’s license. If you want to win your case, contact Grizopoulos & Portz, P.C. now.

Penalties for DWI in New York

There are both criminal and civil penalties associated with an arrest for DWI in New York. These include jail, loss of license, loss of auto insurance or significantly higher premiums, court fees, fines, attendance at a Victim Impact panel, mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device, completion of an alcohol abuse assessment and payment of a driver responsibility assessment for three years. The severity of the penalties increases with any additional DWI arrest.

Being found guilty of driving while intoxicated in New York would place a criminal arrest on your record. With a simple background check you could lose your job, find your future employment options limited and see your credit score damaged.

The long-term financial, social and legal costs of being convicted of DWI in NY illustrate the need for retaining an attorney. While each case is different and no results are guaranteed, We will challenge the state’s case and try to keep your record clean.

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About New York DWI

Under New York law, there are several offenses for impaired driving:

  • DWAI
  • DWI
  • Aggravated DWI
  • DWAI – Drugs
  • DWAI – Combined Influence

DWAI stands for driving while ability impaired. It is typically charged when a driver registers a BAC between 0.05-0.79% and a law enforcement officer suspects the driver has consumed alcohol to a point an impaired ability to safely and prudently operate a vehicle. This is a traffic offense rather than a criminal act.

DWI is typically defined as a motorist having a blood alcohol content at or above the threshold of 0.08%. However, you can be charged with NY DWI even if you have not submitted to a breath, blood or urine test to measure BAC. Officer observations again are key to the type of charge filed.

Aggravated DWI is charged when a driver has an elevated BAC in excess of 0.18%.

DWAI – Drugs relates to a driver impaired by drugs to the point of operating a vehicle with physical or mental abilities below those reasonably required to safely operate a vehicle. While the legal standard is parallel to that of DWAI with alcohol, DWAI Drugs is a crime subject to penalties similar to the more serious DWI. There is no distinction between impairment from prescription versus illegal drugs.

DWAI – Combined Influence applies to drivers impaired by a combination of alcohol and any drug or drugs.

With each of these offenses the state must establish guilt. DWI Attorneys Grizopoulos & Portz has different defense strategies aimed at creating reasonable doubt. A police officer’s observations and testimony are subject cross-examination. Equipment used in testing blood alcohol content may not have been calibrated according to law. Field sobriety tests may not have been administered properly. Currently there is social pressure against drinking and driving to where even responsible social drinkers find themselves in serious trouble.

Attorneys Grizopoulos & Portz believes you are innocent until proven otherwise. Contact him and ask for a free DWI consultation.

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